Vintage Screwback Earrings and More!

So sad story.  I accidentally left my vintage screwback earrings in the pocket of a hoody sweat shirt and washed them.  I still can’t believe they are gone.  In the process of mourning my loss, I decided to make them for my SL avatar, and so here they are.  Of course they are in four different colors, which I don’t have in RL, so the benefits of SL revealed once more!  I also made a cute bracelet with earrings to match (Cybele Set) and a Blue Floral Enamel and Silver bracelet with necklace to match.  Oh and while I was at it, I made this ‘super cute’ (okay, my bud Avi said it was super cute) mouse charm bracelet and decided to make it a freebie, as it is rather representative of well, me.

Use this Slurl to teleport to Whimsical Creations






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