Malibu Skybox House

So as usual – I’m a prim hog. I rebuild the whole shop in order to save on prims, and revel in my 100 or so extra prims for all of 3 days before I decide, hey, I need a new skybox to live in. I’d been living in my super duper low 10 prim skybox, and was in serious hate with it. It was so bad I’d not even put it out as a freebie! So I went to work. 1st rule of building, never use more prims then you need to create something. I’m a firm believer in having a practical and low prim house, especially if you’re on a small plot of land and actually like to have furniture. However, I really like to have a charming home. I think I’ve hit the mark on this one, the dreamy white walls struck me as very Malibuish, so there you have it, the Malibu Skybox. A super bargain at only 300L, 45 prims, two-stories, lots of light from the windows and a beautiful etched glass entry way.

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