New Whimsical Creations

So.  One of the things that keeps me in SL is building.  I love to build.  I was lucky enough when I first started playing to stumble upon the Ivory Tower, and Lumiere Noire’s fabulous tutorial.  So in my newbie homemade with the sliders clothes, and futzing for an unacceptable amount of time with my hair (oh thank you for the miracle that is prim hair…) I stood on the alternative side of the sandbox (far side, out of sight) and tried to build a house.  How hard could it be I figured!  4 walls, roof, should be a snap.  

Well a year later and many struggles with the build tools, and I keep coming closer to how it all works…learning photoshop has been a trip.I’ve been hankering to rebuild my store for a while.  The thing about building in SL is that I find my skills leap forward every month or so.  What seemed extraordinary for me to accomplish at one time, seems pedestrian the next time I look at it, so I go at it again.

Like many in SL, I started my business at Whimsical Creations in order to support my habit.  The things I wanted most in SL when I first started playing were 1) a decent house that I liked 2) nice clothes and a classy looking av 3) something other than the stupid sexy walk.

I was one of the last players I think to get first land!  Remember that.  I got a 512 plot for $512L.  What a bargain! But I now needed a house that wouldn’t use up all my prims.  Well I’d just build it myself I thought – although I purchased plenty of small low prim houses that I’ve never used before I committed to building.


When I started WC, I decided I would sell low prims houses and animation override starter packs.   I tried to keep my houses under 40 prims, and sized them to actually fit on 512 comfortably but snugly, taking advantage of less expensive mountain lots with partial views.  I figured out how to build an AO using a Zhao and created a variety of them using different poses for a certain ‘look.’  I created a newbie kit that I wished someone would have given me when I first started and I opened my store for business!  I was excited and scared. 

So now – I’ve rebuilt my lovely store about 8 times!  The latest re-build was to accomplish several goals 1) lower the overall prim count on my land 2) create a better traffic flow and consolidate my products in one building 3) create room for my new line of accessories for my new brand, Dark Mouse.Well I think I’ve accomplished this, and now I’m exhausted.  But it was worth it and the new store looks great. 

Here’s me sitting on the new beach I created, a shot of the front entry of the store, and me wearing my new creations, my ostrich and tortoiseshell belt, and my new cybele bracelet (LOVE IT).Please visit my store if you get a chance.  I have lovely low-prim homes that will fit your small lot and you’ll still have room for furniture!  Whimsical Creations is in Taber next to the Ivory Tower – here’s the slurl.



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