Shopping Trip

Went shopping last night with Avi.  We went to Dutch Touch, where we were hard pressed not to blow all our hard earned lindens!  There’s something striking about the clothes here – they have a realistic look and feel to them, and yet they are hand drawn.  I’m wearing ‘Pure’ here a long sleeved brown/white t-shirt with a rough looking sweater over the top.  Since I’m in the midst of rebuilding my whole store, I figured I would wear some rough and ready clothes.  Really – the quality of these clothes cannot be overlooked.  The ONLY drawback to the stuff at Dutch Touch is that everything is in sets, you can’t purchase separates.  I actually would have purchased a great deal more if I could get some of the items separately!  Hair is from Gurlywood (Fidelity, Caramel), and skin is, of course, Chai Nutmeg, Cerise ;-). dutchtouch_001.jpg 

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