SL Blues

Oops, I forgot to put the ® symbol in the title.  Could you just ‘imagine’ it’s there for me….

SL is being ugly today.  Actually been ugly all week.  I went back to the Nicholas client – and while I’m a bit slow, at least I’m not unable to move. Nicholas, oh Nicholas, woo hoo – could you do another one, please, pretty please?

I dunno what they are doing in that great lab in the sky, but to me, a person who loves to shop, the biggest indicator of a problem is an inability to complete TRANSACTIONS.  Leading me to think, um, ‘it’s the economy, stupid.’

I was in Bewitched for the secret sale.  You see they have this really cool style that I LOVE.  I don’t know why I love it, truthfully it’s not my usual style – its just sooo pretty.  It’s called ‘Whisper’ and I have it in ‘tropical’ which is a light blue color – which I got for free (yes! the freebie worked!).  I want it in another color. I could not buy it.  I tried. Twice in one day.  It’s ON SALE for god’s sake.  I’ll go back again today, of course – never say die when it comes to shopping!  But still.  I could not buy it.  This should simply not be. Okay, rant over.



Free Mediterranean Trestle Table!

I made this really cute Mediterranean Lounge Set.  Tomorrow I’m giving the trestle table away for free!  Stop by to pick one up, I dunno how long I’ve leave it at $0L….The whole set can be purchased for $150L.



What will SL look like to you?

I was using the 18.3.5 client for the longest time, but the lag had become almost intolerable, so I decided to bite the bullet and do the upgrade to 19. I had also been using the Nicolas client, but it seemed to grow increasingly weird with the upgrades to SL, so I stopped using it.

Of course, as most people have discovered, 19 was no picnic. I held onto my 18.3.5 client, and started this random game of flipping back and forth between the two. Anyone else do this?

So, tonite I was buzzing around SL. I decided to try the release candidate (the current experimental client that will ‘become’ the official version of the SL client. Version 19.1.3 is the release candidate and I guess it incorporates features of Windlight. After uploading I took a deep breath and logged into SL. Hey – this is not too bad I thought. Of course I was at 700 meters in my open air work studio. Not too much to render. Last couple of times I had tried the windlight client, I couldn’t move and crashed immediately. So this was like wow – I can use windlight. Schemes of redoing all my photo boards start going through my head – better pictures -woot! I open up the preferences to look at where I’m at. But it’s changed. I get one choice – graphics. I learn it’s ‘preset’ to optimal levels for my computer. I am at the lowest settings of everything. But hey I can MOVE!

I suddenly realize what is happening. My computer which was pretty cool 2 years ago, cannot handle the SL client anymore – my graphic card sucks. When the new update is forced, I may not even be able to log in. I need a super duper new computer.

But. That’s not in the budget for my family. We’re hit as hard by the recession in the US as any middle class family living here. Then I think, wait, not everyone in SL can afford a super duper wow wee computer that can handle the SL client. Who exactly is playing SL anyway? How can they afford a computer to handle this awesomely huge and computer life sucking client? Hmmmm. If they keep adding all these bells and whistles and features, I will eventually get to the point where I can’t feed my addiction (hey – it IS an addiction) and have to stop playing. Or suck it up and get a new computer. I wonder how many other players are starting to see this? The client is being upgraded, but soon alot of people won’t be able to run it.

This is what the Ivory Tower looks like for me on the release candidate client.


Spring Flowers

I meant to save these for next week, but the weather is soooo nice here (northern CA) and its so very springy out, that I’m releasing them early. It’s a necklace and earrings set I’m calling Spring Flowers – it comes in either blue stones with silver or yellow stones with gold, please take a look at my store – where the flowers are blooming on the beach too! (Yes, I edited to update the photo)

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Sparkly Stones

My new releases this week include another item based on the contents of my vintage jewelry collection, mainly some sparkly, clip on earrings and necklace to match, and a fun, organic looking necklace, I’m calling the Mabon necklace.  I also made a lovely and airy necklace with blue and white stones, which I’m calling the Zephyr.  And what would the week be like without a new freebie to snag – the modern diamond necklace – totally completely free.  I’m really pleased with all my new stuff, especially the Mabon necklace, I hope you’ll stop by and take a look.  The Mabon includes a bonus in the box, the same necklace in silver with rubies.

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Shopping Trip

Build tools are borked for me so I decided to do a wee bit o’ shopping.  I used the key word, ‘vintage’ in my search to look about for some 50’s kind of stuff, cause I’m in that kind of mood.   The first place I land is Ivalde in the middle of an easter egg hunt.  I scored 6 eggs before I crashed and skedaddled outta there. There were some tempting folders to investigate, but I put them in my new clothes folder and move on. Then I landed at Ingenue, and find some sweet new to me cigarette pants!  Fun stuff!  The beginnings of an outfit idea form in my mind.  Hmmm, I’ve been meaning to get those new flats at Shiny Things, and a second later, the Francoise flats are mine…  I start digging through my inventory, I’m sure I have it yes!  Cute retro rhinestone glasses from Artilleri.  I just happen (okay, so this is why I’m in a 50’s mood) to have some cute clip-on super sparkly earrings I’ve been working on, but not quite ready to release.  A cool hairdo I scored on the discount wall at ETD and the perfect white shirt from Last Call. A cute corset that I found in my inventory and there you go! Credits below the picture.


  • Etd – Eva – Strawberry Blackenedslurl
  • Artilleri – Retro Rhinestone Black Glasses slurl
  • Whimsical Creations – Sparkly Stone Earrings – Will be released next week some time….slurl
  • Last Call – Celine Outfit White Shirt (um get it soon) slurl
  • SK Designs – Iris Corset (not sure if still available)slurl 
  • Ingenue – Cigerette Pants – Black slurl
  • Shiny Things – Francoise Flats – Grayslurl 
  • Chai Skin – LF Chai Skin Nutmeg Siyu Freckle slurl
  • Vintage Screwback Earrings and More!

    So sad story.  I accidentally left my vintage screwback earrings in the pocket of a hoody sweat shirt and washed them.  I still can’t believe they are gone.  In the process of mourning my loss, I decided to make them for my SL avatar, and so here they are.  Of course they are in four different colors, which I don’t have in RL, so the benefits of SL revealed once more!  I also made a cute bracelet with earrings to match (Cybele Set) and a Blue Floral Enamel and Silver bracelet with necklace to match.  Oh and while I was at it, I made this ‘super cute’ (okay, my bud Avi said it was super cute) mouse charm bracelet and decided to make it a freebie, as it is rather representative of well, me.

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    Shopping Trip

    So out and about last night and decided I needed new hair (as if). I knew that ETD has some new releases, so thought I’d head over and check it out. This is almost always detrimental to the state of my linden balance. Of course I found something I liked, but was more new to me then new releases. Chalisa II was the my hair of choice – of course I got two others but that’s between me and my inventory load. What a wild retro ponytail! I always get the “Elika’s Favorites” pack because I get a range of colors at a great price, and my two favorites of course, cinnamon and strawberry. From there I headed over to the half-price sale at Pixeldolls. I love these new tops so I was about to pick up the Miette in Tan/Brown and then realized I had already bought it at full price a few days before. Loved my outfit so much decided to blog it. Credits are below the picture


    Credits from top to bottom

  • Hair – ETD Chalisa II – Strawberry
  • Skin – LF CHAI Skin – Nutmeg – Siyu Freckle
  • Nails – Awesome Designs French Tip Manicure
  • Tattoo – The Wired Garden_GoK
  • Sunglasses – primOptic Arach glasses 1.15
  • Earrings – Whimsical Creations DM Cebele Earrings (yep, mine!)
  • Jacket – (PixelDolls) Miette. Tan/Brown, Long Top
  • Shirt – *Runway* Simple White Top (Free)
  • Belt – Whimsical Creations DM Kahlua and Creme Belt (mine!)
  • Bracelet – Whimsical Creations DM Cebele Bracelet (mine!)
  • Boots – TK Boot high (Black)
  • Poses – (LAP) Bashful, Not Buying It, Poise (Free)

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    Malibu Skybox House

    So as usual – I’m a prim hog. I rebuild the whole shop in order to save on prims, and revel in my 100 or so extra prims for all of 3 days before I decide, hey, I need a new skybox to live in. I’d been living in my super duper low 10 prim skybox, and was in serious hate with it. It was so bad I’d not even put it out as a freebie! So I went to work. 1st rule of building, never use more prims then you need to create something. I’m a firm believer in having a practical and low prim house, especially if you’re on a small plot of land and actually like to have furniture. However, I really like to have a charming home. I think I’ve hit the mark on this one, the dreamy white walls struck me as very Malibuish, so there you have it, the Malibu Skybox. A super bargain at only 300L, 45 prims, two-stories, lots of light from the windows and a beautiful etched glass entry way.

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    Kahlua & Creme Belt

    So I’ve been working hard on my new line of accessories.  I wanted a wider belt just to have, and of course, I’m always steering toward my personal fav colors, browns and creams….So there you have it the Kahlua and Creme Belt. I’ve only heard of Kahlua and Creme, I never drink myself,,, umm.I also made a pearl necklace choker and earrings (the laverna set) and a funky blue metallic bracelet with necklace and earrings to match (medea set). I hope you like them!

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