I’ve made it!

Sooooo, I’m flying around the Ivory Tower Sandbox (my second home) and what do I come across LMAO but a person trying to resell one of the freebies from my shop!  After a moment of stunned disbelief (OMG), then rage (5 stages of grief anyone), I’m overcome by this feeling of…wait for it…pride.  Wow someone thought my stuff was good enough to steal! I will of course be giving this away for free (only the chair was originally free) the whole lovely french country dining set, at my store in Taber.  It’s also available from NCI and at the Stillman’s Bazaar next to the Ivory Tower!!!   frenchcountryfreebie.jpg 


I went shopping.

I got this great hair at Aden after seeing a post on Fashion Planet comparing it to Armidi.  Dunno what the post was supposed to mean, but sent me to the store so LOL.   Not to dis Armidi, but I simply won’t shop there.  I think the clothes are fabulous of course.  But the store itself is so enclosed with small rooms to shop in (and cam around) and too many people (to walk around) and too much lag that I just don’t bother.  Shame on me I guess.

Dark Mouse

So um, moving right along.In addition to my prefab houses, I plan to start an off shoot of Whimsical Creations, a little shop called, Dark Mouse.  WHAT – yes, I can be dark sometimes, though typically I’m all sweetness and light.  ACTUALLY – I tend toward sarcasm, but let’s not go there just yet! Here’s a preview of one of my new belts… Called, appropriately enough, The Slayer.  I will talk about my Buffy fascination in a future post. slayerbelt.jpg 

Meet my world. My second life.

Welcome to my blog!  I am Mouse Mimistrobell and my world and blog is all about my second life®. At present, I am a builder in second life, with a lovely store in Taber (next to the Ivory Tower) called Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations, with an addiction to shopping and plenty o friends who encourage me in my building skills and shopping addiction.  I will use this blog to talk about whatever random thoughts pop into my head, announce my new product releases and from time to time, talk about what my friends are doing or what I’m wearing on any given day!  I hope to post frequently, but my RL life comes first, so no promises. Welcome and meet my world.