It’s that time. Dark Mouse Closing.

So I guess I’ve been writing this post in my head for a while now, but it’s finally time to announce that I’ve decided to close my store, Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair. I’ve gone back and forth on this for a long time, do I really want to give up my established brand? Well, with the advent of mesh, and the extraordinary possibilities for it, I just decided that a clean slate is best for me. I sort of decided a long time ago that if I could not produce jewelry that met my own personal standards, then I would not go forward. While I believe that I do still make a pretty good necklace, the future is mesh and I’m not there yet. At present I’m teaching myself mesh, and being a sort of thick-headed slow type ;-), it’s taking a while. I don’t know what the future holds. I may be back, and I’ll definitely be around (shopping or blogging).

Naturally I’ve marked everything at Dark Mouse down 50% off regular price. I hope you’ll stop by and pick something out that maybe you’ve wanted for a long time, but have not gotten. I will officially close on July 16, 2012. I’ll try to get my stuff marked down on Market Place as quickly as I can but for now, you have to come into the store to get the discount. Here’s a teleport link to the store.

It has been my honor and privilege to be a part of the Second Life community. I appreciate everyone who has ever purchased, worn, blogged or just simply enjoyed my jewelry. It can’t possibly be as much as I enjoyed seeing it worn. Love, hugs and peace. Mouse.

And the theme is…Earth Rebirthed at Dark Mouse Jewelry!

So I’m in Project Themeory this week, and I made simple pendant necklace, with a branch w/leaves & berries preserved inside, to bring to mind things that should be saved/reused. I hope that you like it, it is out early, since I will not be around on Friday. Here’s a teleport to the store. Check out this and all the really cool Project Themeory Designers here!

Etheria2 Painted Ladies ends tomorrow!

Well Etheria2 has exceeded my expectations in so many ways, and it officially ends tomorrow at midnight. I wanted to again thank all the designers who participated, and encourage you to visit the event. You can still do so by clicking this link for a teleport directly to the event. I also wanted to thank the many, many bloggers who covered the event, you truly made it a success! I leave you with my own simple collage of the event outfits!

Dark Mouse Hair Sale and FREE STUFF!

Hi there, I’m having a sale on my hair as a holiday special – $25L for a color pack and $100L for a fat pack. Many styles, come check it out. I marked at least 3 of the hair packs at $0L, so if you take a look around you’ll probably find them! And if you’re looking for a great deal, check out my numerous gatchas and lucky boards! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Click this link for a teleport directly to the store!

Dark Mouse in Moody Mondays!

Hi there, I have my item for Moody Mondays out a bit early because I’m doing RL things this afternoon! I hope you like, earrings to match my Into the Woods bracelet and necklace from last week. I hope you like! After the event, I’ll have these out as a full set in the store! At the moment though the earrings are out for only $55L. Come and get em, here’s a teleport directly to the store! Also, if you’re not a member of my Dark Mouse VIP group, you really missed out this month ;-). Just saying.

SALE at Dark Mouse Jewelry!

Hi there – I am having a sale at the store, I’ve marked down numerous sets of jewelry – a single set is now $50L, and the fullset or fatpack is $100L. This is a great opportunity to pick up some great pieces at bargain prices! All the sale items are in the small shop behind the main store, just walk out the back door of the store and you’ll find it along the path to your left. In addition to the sale, all my GATCHA items are now out in the store – there’s a winner everytime! Here’s a small sampling of pic of the items out for sale now! And as always, there’s some great stuff in the Lucky Chair, and the Wear & Win Vendor! Last but not least, all my new items from the Jewelry Fair are now out in the store and everything is posted on marketplace! Here’s a teleport directly to the Dark Mouse store.

Rever en Blanc

I don’t really speak French. Actually I suck at it entirely, having learned after struggling thru 4 years of French in high school, that I don’t have an ear for languages. Which is sad really, because in my RL household, my hubby speaks 5 languages, and my kids each speak 3. Embarrassing, really! So I googled for an appropriate name for a whitish necklace, that seemed dreamy to me, and came up with Rever en Blanc, or Dream in White. So there you go, I too can use google! So while this post IS about another of my new sets, Rever en Blanc, it is also about white, and the color white. And wearing white on white, etc. I love white on white and specifically chose it because I wanted my necklace to stand out! That was my full intent with this outfit. I also wanted to show off a top I’ve had for a while and a bit from Kyoot, but have not had a chance to. This top comes with a ‘texture’ necklace of sorts. I liked that it combined with my necklace to give the illusion of a lot of stuff going on. I paired it with the ‘play pants’ from Sn@tch, which I like for the clingy feel and the line down the front. My boots are from gfield and actually have cool tops with feathers hanging from them, but since that didn’t work with the cuffs for the pants, they had to go. The boots are black, because well I tried every white boot I own, but it didn’t work. Sometimes it just doesn’t. Btw, the boots are so well made, that if you don’t get your butt to gfield asap, you’re insane!

The new set is out at the Jewelry Fair and will also be available in my store, shortly. As for the rest of the outfit – well, the hair is a long and luscious style from Elikatira, and the skin is from Pink Fuel, a skin I find delightful because of the wide eyed, rosy cheeked look it lends my avatar. I decided I looked ENTIRELY too innocent for this shot, and put red glam lipstick on to counteract it! Also, ignore hand slightly in boob shot, okay? ;-) Check out ALL my new releases at the fair in this post.

Outfit Credits

:::Sn@tch Play Pants (White-P):::

*GF* Open Boots “Vilda”

Kyoot – Chained Thread Top – White

Ibizarre Nail polish – diamont black

Dark Mouse Rever en Blanc Set

[e] Paper – Brown 09

[LeLutka]-Photoshoot II Lashes(NOSE)

[PF] Elly – Angelic (dkbrow)

Shine Monet Pewter